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Nothing buttah love for these whimsy butter keepers! These playful kitchen companions are a fun alternative to the butter dish. They keep your butter fresh and spreadable and are pretty darn cute while they're doing it. How do they work? It's easy! Fill the bottom base cup with about 3/4" of water (add a pinch of salt if using unsalted butter). Pack a stick of room temperature butter into the lid reservoir. When lid is placed on top of base the water creates a seal without submerging the butter. Simply place lid upside down on tabletop and viola! Soft, spreadable and fresh butter. 


Food Safe, Microwave Safe, Hand Wash. 

Comes with wooden knife (pictured)


4" x 3" 

Accommodates a full standard stick of butter. 

Whimsy Butter Keeper- Purple Dot

Out of Stock
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