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*Pre-Order* The Christmas Pickle sold out quickly! This popular pickle is available for pre-order. This means you can order your Christmas Pickle today and it will be shipped Saturday December 9th. This is for orders placed prior to 12/1. We have two variations of the Christmas Pickle. One without a mustache and one with. Please select your preference. 

This years holiday ornament is here! The Christmas Pickle! Here's why Mr. Pickle is so special. Hide the ornament in your holiday tree- the first person to find the pickle on Christmas morning has good fortune all year... or for some get an additional present or can open the first present. It is a fun holiday tradition that will be sure to bring joy to your family each year.


Mr. Pickle is one of a kind so slight variations may occur. 

3" x 1"

Description tag pictured included with ornament. 



The Christmas Pickle- *Pre-order*

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