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What could be cuter than a Mad Hatter Teapot?! A mini Mad Hatter! This much smaller version of our signature teapot features a turquoise with mint dot color pattern, curly cue feet and topper and a lil' mushroom thumb button. 


6.5" x 5"

Food Safe and fully functional. 


*Seconds Piece*


The reason why this piece is a seconds is due to a small hairline crack (pictured) at the bottom rim located by one of the feet. This hairline does not go through and is so small you can hardly see it. Sometimes during the ceramic process, a slight flaw may occur- whether it be with glazing, drying, cracking or warping. Most likely this hairline developed during drying and was invisible to the eye until stain was applied during the glazing process. This flaw is so minimal but it is infact a visual flaw. Flaw does not compromise the durability or function of the teapot. 

Mini Mad Hatter *Seconds*

$325.00 Regular Price
$260.00Sale Price
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