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Personality and polka dots! Yes please! Comfortable handle, adorable curly cue feet and simply a piece that will bring smiles with every cuppa joe or tea you enjoy.


Wheel thrown, textured and altered, stained and glazed.

This mug holds 16 oz.

4.5"x 5.5" x 5"

Food Safe. Microwaveable. Hand Wash.


Each piece is whimsically one of a kind. 


This is a *seconds* piece. What is a seconds piece? Slight flaws can happen during the ceramic process like cracking, glaze differences and warping. In this piece, there is a small gap at one of the curly cue feet (pictured). This does not affect the function of the piece or compromise its durability. This is a small flaw. 


Original Price- 95.00



Teal Dot and Stripes Mug- *Seconds*

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