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Mishima Collection 


There's magic in every pour from this piece. Wheel thrown porcelain with slip inlay. Patterning is hand carved into the clay using an inlay technique. Pops of color are handpainted. Arched handle with purple thumb button. Polka dots adorn the base of the teapot with a grove of mushrooms around body. A beautiful addition to your teapot collection or to bring some extra joy to your next tea party. 


*Seconds Piece*


What is a seconds piece you ask? A seconds piece has a flaw that can be present in glazing, minor cracking or distortment of form. In this case, there is a discoloration in glaze (pictured) and also a small crack on interior lip (pictured). Teapot has been tested and though there is a flaw, it doesn't affect the functionality or stability of the piece. 


Original price- 245.00

Seconds Piece Price- 150.00


Whimsically One of a Kind


Food Safe- Hand Wash.

*Not suitable for stove top heating. Pour hot water into vessel and let tea steep. 


8" x 9" x 6

Shroomie Teapot *Seconds*

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