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Little nesters…also known as the Dink Dink dish. You ever have those little bits of that thing that goes to that thing that you can never remember where you put!? Where is that dink dink!? I often refer to said objects as dink dinks…ode to my Opa. The sweetest man, with a thick German accent referring to many things….as you got it....dinks. It stuck. Many fond memories of my Opa. Now only if I could remember where I put that dink dink? Oh yeah! It’s in that thing, on the thing that holds my things. I give you…the Dink Dink Dish.


And if you’re one of those that can remember what and where your dink dinks are… these are delightful for dips, treats an other edible goodies.


They work great as little servers for your favorite sauces, jams, salsas or sweet treats.  Use for your next gathering to serve with or simply enjoy in your kitchen or home. 

Sold Individually 


Food Safe. Microwaveable. Hand Wash 

2.5" x 3.5"


Sizes may vary slightly as they are one of a kind.


Stripes and Dots Dink Dink Dish

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