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Mishima Collection


The imagery and patterning you see on this mug is done with an inlay technique. Fine lines are carved into the surface of the pot before it is fired. Beautiful green and blue glaze interior and colorful patterning on the back and underside of mug. Comfortable thumb button- a one of a kind porcelain treasure for any elephant or mug lover! 


*Seconds Piece*

A seconds pieces means that there is a slight flaw which can happen during the various stages of the ceramic process. This piece has a slight crack that is seals over with clear glaze so it is fully sealed, but still a visible flaw. Does not affect the function, or durability of the piece. 


Food Safe. Microwaveable. Dishwasher Safe. 

16-18 oz capacity 


3"x 5"x 6"


Each piece is Whimsically One of a Kind- slight variations may occur

Elephant Mug-*Seconds*

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