Fall is here and I've been up to some hocus pocus in the studio! This years funky fall limited edition mug is the Witches Cauldron Mug! This piece features a wheel thrown cauldron vessel, hand built textured witches broom handle and curly cue feet. A playful one of a kind addition for any mug collector! 


This mug is a limited edition for this years fall season which means I will be doing pre-orders only just like last year! 


How it works-  there are a limited number of pre- order slots available for the mug. If the item is 'sold out' it means that the slots have been filled. Once orders are placed- I will work my clay magic and mugs will be bubbling up and ready for shipment within two weeks of purchase.


If you have any questions about the pre-order Limited Edition Fall Mug- please contact me. 



14-16 oz. capacity 



2022 Witches Cauldron Mug- Pre Order